Fantastic Frontiers

Sacramento County Sci-Fi and Fantasy Social Club

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LJ Community for Fantastic Frontiers sci-fi/fantasy social club in Sacramento County and El Dorado County and surrounding communities:

A list of our upcoming events and meetings can be found at www.fantasticfrontiers.com. Just click on "Events."

RULES: you may post anything related to fantasy, science fiction or local events of interest to such fans. We'd love to hear about geek-friendly local events. If you want to post a short story or fan-fic you've written, that's fine, just please do it behind a LJ cut (if you don't know how to do a LJ cut, read LiveJournal's FAQs). Same goes for anything else long you want to post. Sci-fi or fantasy artwork posts also welcome. For spoilers, again please use a cut AND a spoiler warning. Entertainment news and book reviews always appreciated. And just friendly chit-chat is good too. :) It is a SOCIAL club. :) Pretty much anything goes, except for out-right spam (for example, we don't want to hear about penis enlargement drugs or your sex-underage-video-cam or how we won the Nigerian lottery!). Just be respectful of each other and keep it friendly. :D