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ConQuest Sac gaming con in less than 2 months -- Flea Market announcement

Come sell your stuff and play your favorite games at ConQuest Sacramento in early April!

Volunteer GMs still welcome!

Details about the Flea Market below:

--- In, "roxanne_diesel"
<operationsdirector@...> wrote:

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to remind everyone that there is a Midnight Madness Flea
Market at ConQuest SAC on Friday, April 7. Flea market table and space
is just $15.

Folks are already registerng for tables and space is limited so don't
wait to register. You can purchase your table online when you pre-reg
for your badge (you must be a registered participant to purchase a
flea market table). If you have already pre-registered you can go back
and purchase your table online as well.

Go to -- click on REGISTER NOW -- then click on
CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR CONQUEST SAC - a direct link is coming in
the next week.

or this will take you directly there....
Just scroll to the bottom of the page for the flea market line.

Please pass this on to others who may be interested and to any game
forums you may be associated with. Please leave all the info intact
so folks know they have to be registered with the convention to
participate in the flea market.

Thanks everyone - see you in Sacramento!

Roxanne Diesel
Operations Director
ConQuest SAC
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