Steph (frellingbored) wrote in ffsac,

upcoming events of potential interest:

(A shortened version of the personal calendar I posted on my LJ, focusing on just the Fantastic Frontiers/Geek-friendly stuff:)

This Sunday (tomorrow) March 12: Anime/Comic Con at Scottish Rite, 10 am -4 pm.   Lunch with Fantastic Frontiers at 12 noon at Baker's Square on Fair Oaks near Howe (please feel free to drop by!).

Saturday April 1: No fooling: Housewarming/Passover party at my new duplex near ARC. If you wanna come, let me know (comment below), you'll be invited. :)   

April 7-9:
ConQuest Sac at the Red Lion by Adren Fair.

Saturday April 15:
Tax day.   But also a casual Fantastic Frontiers gathering at my house. Working on getting some "new" Prime Directive eps for that, or if not, something else.

May 26-29: KublaCon. In Burlingame, which is San Fran-ish.

July something-ish: ComicCon in San Diego. I plan on spending the week or the weekend there, schedule and finances permitting. Details TBD. Maybe go to Disneyland "on the way."  The actual dates of the con are July 19-23.

Hope to see you'all at the above events!
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