Steph (frellingbored) wrote in ffsac,

4 upcoming events

1) Friday night, Jan. 26 is a Phenomenauts concert at Club Retro, 6521 Hazel Ave, Orangevale, California 95662.  The Phenomenauts is an award-winning sci-fi-themed rock band.  They are playing with The Secretions and Teenage Harlets.  Cost : $10 all ages.  Rock the geeks!

2) Jan 29 (not this but next Monday) is a casual Potluck Chinese New Year party at Tree's house in Elk Grove, starting about 5 pm.  Email me, Steph, at if you need directions or details.  Yes, we know, it's the wrong date -- the 29th was the date of Chinese New Year last year; heh, just go with it, it's a chance to eat Chinese food with new & old friends.   :)   Please bring a MSG-free Chinese-style food to share of your choice (we'll provide the rice).  Perhaps a video will be watched or a game played -- we'll play it by ear.  Feel free to bring possibilities.

3) Feb. 4 is an "Anti-SuperBowl Sunday Party", starting at 1 pm at my house (near American River College).  The "anti-" part means we will *NOT* be watching the Superbowl.  This party is for those of you, like me, who would rather watch *anything* but football, but still like the "getting-together-with-friends-and-eating-7-layer-dip-and-pizza" part.   :)   We'll watch a couple DVDs (TBD), either something from my collection or something someone brings.  Again, we'll play it by ear, based on the interests of those who attend, but we'll definitely be watching something.   (So those of you who've been desiring a Fantastic Frontiers movie night, here ya go, yay!!)  New (& prospective) Fantastic Frontiers members are very welcome & encouraged!  I'll provide the pizza & seven-layer dip (w/chips), you provide your favorite beverage(s).   (Yes, alcohol allowed, but please be responsible.)  Email me for directions.

4) Feb. 10 is a 2nd Saturday, and marks Fantastic Frontiers' 4-year anniversary!   So what did we do to celebrate the last 3 years on the 2nd Saturday of February?  We went glow bowling each time!   So what are we going to do this time?  You guessed it, glow bowling!  Details to be announced, but mark your calendars. 

Thanks and hope to see you soon!

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